Last updated: 2020.06.29
covidAsk answers your questions in real-time with 37K COVID-19 articles provided by AI2. Each of its results has relevant biomedical entities highlighted as well. You can ask questions like: You can also use covidAsk with simple python code as follows:

import requests
import json
from requests.packages.urllib3.exceptions import InsecureRequestWarning

def covidAsk(query):
    params = {'query': query, 'strat': 'dense_first'}
    res = requests.get('', params=params, verify=False)
    outs = json.loads(res.text)
    return outs

query = 'Is there concrete evidence for the presence of asymptomatic transmissions?'
results = covidAsk(query)

# Top 10 phrase answers from covidAsk
print([r['answer'] for r in results['ret']])

# Top 10 sentence answers from covidAsk
print([r['context'][r['sent_start']:r['sent_end']] for r in results['ret']])
Code is available here and a technical report will be available soon. covidAsk is a project by Jinhyuk Lee, Sean S. Yi, Minbyul Jeong, Mujeen Sung, Wonjin Yoon, Yonghwa Choi, Miyoung Ko, and Jaewoo Kang at DMIS Lab of Korea University.